The Farewell

Clothes are packed
And the Ticket is booked,
I’m waiting for a train
That’s old and crooked.

Wearing my cloak
And freeing the shackles,
Looking at the watch
That tick tick tickles.

A perfect place
And A perfect time,
All the bygone faces
And here the train begins.

Gateway to the heaven
Passes with a shine,
Of a glorious gun
Or a knife like mine.

A glass of wine
Or smoke a pipe,
Say goodbye to all
Those living sick life.

One deep cut
And thoughts will flow,
Dripping on the floor
With a dark red glow.

Thoughts will freeze
In a blackish tar,
Smile will remain
As I travel afar.

Sun and moons,
together will witness;
The chase of a death
And a body lifeless.

A soul that bakes
with coal and fire,
Farewell my friends,
I’ll miss you forever.

Darkness grows.
Captures Everything.
And look above,
The moon is crying…



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