Rabindranath, 07.08.2020…

Today is the day when you left to the journey of eleventh horizon…

When I’d be crossing that thin line of realism and enter into abyss, I know we’ll be chanting under the same Banyan tree. Thank you for being that One light where I find my solace that feels like abode…

I still don’t understand, from where all the words come to me… But every time they strike, a river flows in my heart and I become just another tiny drop…

And when that happens, I know that far away somewhere, a part of you greets to a part of me with a poetic smile…

You taught me to speak without words. And no matter how much I speak in silence, Some things will always be left unsaid. Afterall, words are just a part of me and On this day, I offer you nothing but my humble words, Gurudev… As always… Forever…🌼

#Gitanjali #7thAugust #22Shrabon #rabindranath #speakingsilence #ojousbhavsar #tagore


A portrait by ©Ojous Bhavsar.


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