काळाचे वारकरी (अभंग)…

काळाचे वारकरी आम्ही काळाचे वारकरी  ||ध्रु||

काळोख्या या रात्रीमध्ये चंद्राचा वावर
दिन रात अंधारात मन ते कातर
कोठे गेला पांडुरंग कोठे ती पंढरी…||१||

रात्रीच्या या गुढ वेळी वर काय येते
भगताच्या पाठीमागे कोण ते दडते
मीच आहे माझ्यासंगे एकला जागरी…||२||

दोन्ही खांद्यावर किती अंधाराचा भार
लाव अरे पांडुरंगा जरा हातभार
जीवनाच्या वाटेवर सारे कष्टकरी…||३||

प्रश्न असती हजार उत्तर ते नाही
शुन्यात नजर गुरु मागे काहीबाही
पाप आणि पुण्यात या आली सावकारी…||४||

निघतोय आता ओजा नमस्कार करी
नेण्यासाठी दूत आला असे नंदीवरी
मृत्यू असता पुढ्यात सारेच भिकारी…||५||

बोलणे ते खूप झाले, येतोया साभार
तुझ्यातला शांतपणा दे रे मुठभर
तूच एक स्थितप्रज्ञ, उभा विटेवरी…||६||


©सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित.

© Copyright Protected under the name of SpeakingSilence ®.

To the sacred place…

This place I visit like a selfish lover,
A part of me still lives here…

Unknown faces, Unspoken words,
Unsaid thanks to wise old wisdom…

Morning rituals, mystic chants,
Divine aroma of ancient gods…

Burning desires in Sacred fire,
Evening prayers with a lotus flower…

Colourful sunsets, in-finite colours,
Riverside abode in playful waters…

Birds of memories nesting on top,
Chirping around the trees of thoughts…

A part of me still lives here,
Close your eyes and you’ll listen…

Singing earth and hustling grass,
Flourishing with my silent thoughts…

Sit, meditate or roam around,
Soul here is unleashed, unbound…

A divine affair in my mind,
My poetic river with a historical time…

In this sacred place of my heart,

I wish I’d stay a little longer…


© Ojous Bhavsar_(SpeakingSilence®)


आकाशस्थ औदुंबरा
तुझ्या पुढ्यात बसून
मी हा खेळ पाहतो.

ठगाला ठगणारा तु
बहुरूपी अवलिया.

जेव्हा जेव्हा मी
हातात चिमटा घेतलेल्या
साधुस पहातो
तेव्हा त्याच्या रुपात
मला तुझी फकिरी दिसते.

तुझ स्वतःचं आहे तरी काय?
तू फक्त भरभरून देत राहतोस,
काडीमात्र अपेक्षा न ठेवता.

मन भरून येतं
गंगाघाटच्या धडधडणाऱ्या चिता पाहून.
तुला काहीही दिलं तरी कमीच आहे.

खण-नारळ-चादरीत आणि सोन्या-चांदीत
तुझी परतफेड करणाऱ्या लोकांना
त्यांच्या विचारांची क्षुद्रता कळू दे.
बाकी हाही तुझाच खेळ…


© Ojous Bhavsar


Dear Diary…

“Dear Diary,Why did I take this book and never opened…?

Why did I love those vivid colours, but never breathed…And to any page yet I never turned…?

I remember,
When I started turning those blank pages, rivers of memories made the letters flow through my delirious brain…

Why the book felt old & cold, with a smoky aroma still going afar…?

Culprits of flying time in the frames, hanging on a wall…And something deeper than that…

My dried lips felt a silky touch beyond the rainbow sky and souls that danced together…

A book was shedding letters somewhere in a corner when it was still burning outside…

Love flowing freely through the valleys of your depths, for my mind’s a volcano…

My wounded heart has burnt many pages alive…And why those memories felt, yet erased by your heart…?

Have I lost the book…?Or is it still there in my heart, dear diary…??

“Well, you should ask yourself..!..”


©Ojous Bhavsar.

SpeakingSilence ®


You continue to express even though you are invisible, present in every particle of the universe, raising waves after another on the river that comes from the mountain of my mind.

Every corner of the forest I hear the echo of your flute day and night, and I continue to fly like a wandering delusion.

When I sit here with eyes closed and look for you, your look and feel are still highlighted, and their echoes are repeated over and over again.

Years after another I keep coming to you after my every birth.
Just as you send me back with the same love…



Original Marathi version ©Ojous:


कणाकणांत भरलेला तू अव्यक्त असूनही व्यक्त होत राहतोस, मनाच्या डोंगराआडून येणाऱ्या नदीवर अलगद तरंग उठवत राहतोस.

जंगलाच्या कानाकोपऱ्यात तुझ्या पाव्याचा मंद गुंजारव सुरू असतो, आणि फुलभोवती फिरणाऱ्या लडिवाळ भ्रमरासारखाच मीही इथेच फिरत राहतो.

भ्रमरचक्षूंनी पाहताना तुझी रंग-रूपं अजूनच ठळकपणे जाणवत राहतात, आणि त्यांचा प्रतिध्वनी पुन्हा पुन्हा साद घालतो.

पदोपदी तुझी अनंत रूपं पाहून कृतकृत्य मी तुझ्याकडे निरंतर येत राहतो.
तु जसा मला प्रेमाने परत पाठवतो, तसाच…


© Ojous Bhavsar



Here I come from the 9th horizon
Unshallow unfathomable,
Unheard I dwell in my own universe
My mind speaks through the words I write…

I’m a fire in snowy winter
I’m the sound of a silent soul
A galaxy in the milky way
I’m a prayer that God’s pray…

A victory in the darkest fight
I’m the moon in starry night
I’m a mother, I’m a son
I’m a man in every other woman…

Silence I speak, Unseen I see
Unborn I die and grace I pray…

Today is the day to make a wish
For them it’s birth, for me a bliss…

I shall born a million times…


© Ojous Bhavsar.


My Speaking Silence…

Hear my silence hymns where I sow the seeds of wise unspoken words
Bestowed upon it’s soil like a flower it blooms…

Those tender petals speak the colour of my silence
And esctasy unwinds through the aroma of your soul…

My winds of desire that drift through the oceans
Carrying my thoughts across a hundred miles
For only those who are awaiting ashore
To dive deep within and collect the pearls…

Here my silence greets to all who transcend…

Let my thoughts paint your unicorn with multihued rainbows
And let’s fly to the island of my safe haven…

If you want to reach then remember the unspoken words
There’s no map for all roads reach the same destiny…

Close your eyes and simply walk…

Let your soul reach to the core of your depths and you shall find me.
Let your silence merge with mine and become One that chants this rhyme…

My river flows from the depth of your dreams
And here my silence speaks from the mountains of your ravines…


© Ojous Bhavsar.


Another Night…

Moon is awake
Shedding tears
For the sleeping stars
And all the bygone years…

Unknown people
Unfinished talks
Hidden desires
Caged thoughts…

All lost faces
Old vanished voices
Long driven desires
Tiny little prices…

Unfinished poems
Half written novels
Unconditional love
Best kept secrets…

Endless stories
Fruitless fights
Broken vows
Forgotten promises…

Sprakling stars
In your eyes
Shivering tone
In my voice…

I’m not bothered
For the night is dark
Moon is a poet
Night is the art…

One last journey
Deep dark soul
Another moon
Another night…


© Ojous Bhavsar.


Just like this…

To this night
And to this silence
I close my eyes
And surrender to abundance…

How lucrative my silence speaks…

Take a deep breath and dive in…
You shall find the ocean of it…

Sit with me and you shall meet a billion of prayers that I left…


Just like this…


Sketch: Ojous Bhavsar (Van Gogh’s Starry Night).

© Ojous Bhavsar.


Dance of Love…

I shall be the sacred text
On docile sand of your bossom
You are the Sun and I be the Moon
That dance together and blossom…

Like pearls in the milky way
Scattered across your mind
Preserved in the universe
That roll, dice and dive…

Let your fingers run
On the shores of my ocean
And let me brew the elixir
Of our venomous love potion…

Memories will be haunting
Kissing the vibrant skies
You shall remain mine
You, your soul and wine…

And while I bid adeau
To this imperial chase
Let’s dance infinite
With eternal love and grace…


© Ojous Bhavsar.


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