My Mind and a Farewell…

I’m passing through
A long long tunnel
That’s dark and cold
And without a breeze

Shivering with terror
Of committing errors
Getting judged by others
And losing in the favours

Even if I hit
They won’t see a blood
Even if I die
There won’t be any world

This long dark tunnel
Is a never ending story
After a million years
Will still remain a mystery

This agony and pain
And anger and repent
Of thoughts so dark
And a mind without spark

Here I stop
But mind is a stalker
Farewell, my pilgrims
I won’t see you, ever…



The Hope

My mind is hanging
Like an old lantern
Of whose flame
has set ablazed
a long time ago.

Long before we parted
And far before when
your vivid memories cleared
And fell from my dreamy eyes.

The soul fumed, burnt, charred
And shattered into pieces in this galactic universe of a thousand suns.

Where the demons still dance and purge
And where the thin red line of death & life merge.

Just like the Starry night of Vincent,
I’m sitting in the frame of my mind’s Asylum
Gazing for something into nothing. At all.

But there is still a light.
Somewhere, there’s still a fire.
And where there is life,
There is a hope.

False no matter how it may be…


Life : A Violin

I hear a music soul & as the violin deepens,
Mind plays thoughts that dance with thy vocals.

Just a four strings, that play entire thing
Who knows maybe, We are a Violin.

With infinite chords and a thousand string,
We don’t know how and who’s playing.

Life take turns as the chords differ,
Love, Joy, Happiness, Pain & Suffer.

Don’t worry eventually all the strings break,
It’s an empty gamble with life at stake.

The music stops and we stop breathing,
Not knowing why someone pulled the wrong string.

Life is a Violin, play it cautiously,
Love it, Live it and Stop happily.

I don’t understand the chords and this mystery…
And far away somewhere, a poet bleeds the poetry…


A Happy Demise

Demons in my head
That silently cry,
Mind trying to escape
Getting trapped and die…

Where every thought
is violent than thee crime,
And every sin
that glistens and shine…

A moon that’s blur
And out of the sky,
A death hanging around
With a little deep sigh…

Waiting for a light
That’d solemnly arise,
And here my name gets
A glorious happy demise…



As the Sun sets horizon,
And a day turns dark,
Soul cries aloud
On a thorny dried bark.

A place where there’s
no mercy for the sin,
No hope, No light,
No plea and not plight.

Mind with a hole
with thoughts so deep,
I scribble on paper,
People call it creep.

I open eyes
And see a thousand rays,
No moths, No butterflies,
No soil and not skies.

I ain’t laying down,
Am not standing either,
A place so cold
I weep and shudder.

An empty sky
And a shady moon
Lifeless river
With a tiny little caccoon.

Here I am,
Under a dark nasty roof,
Asking myself,
“Alive! Any Proof??”



Gateway to the Heaven

Night begins as I close my eyes,
Thoughts feel lost as the memory rewinds.

Where the nightmares are yet to be woven,
Opens here a gateway to the heaven.

Unleashed here are a thousand spears,
And a mind within thee infinite fears.

Where every thought is gore and shoven,
Opens here a gateway to the heaven.

I’m a unicorn that’s wild and driven,
Of 21 moons and 17 oceans.

Untold – Unheard yet to be known,
Like a dark secret or a mystic beacon.

Night is blind and dawn still seldom,
I march over on my own lost kingdom.

Like a fallen angel or just a wild raven,
Here I enter into gateway to the heaven.


The Farewell

Clothes are packed
And the Ticket is booked,
I’m waiting for a train
That’s old and crooked.

Wearing my cloak
And freeing the shackles,
Looking at the watch
That tick tick tickles.

A perfect place
And A perfect time,
All the bygone faces
And here the train begins.

Gateway to the heaven
Passes with a shine,
Of a glorious gun
Or a knife like mine.

A glass of wine
Or smoke a pipe,
Say goodbye to all
Those living sick life.

One deep cut
And thoughts will flow,
Dripping on the floor
With a dark red glow.

Thoughts will freeze
In a blackish tar,
Smile will remain
As I travel afar.

Sun and moons,
together will witness;
The chase of a death
And a body lifeless.

A soul that bakes
with coal and fire,
Farewell my friends,
I’ll miss you forever.

Darkness grows.
Captures Everything.
And look above,
The moon is crying…


Winds of Desire…

Desire to hold on to this life,
Yet dispersing into air.

Longing for thee closeness,
Yet going afar.

Like a tiny boat on water,
Coming close and moving away;

On high and low tides,
Swaying & going down.

Oh! These winds of desire,
How frequently change the path,

Whirling around, savouring the town,
Becoming a storm then becoming the ash.

For some ashes never rise
And some birds never fly,
Some dreams that hide behind the closed doors of mind;

Some treasures are never found…


The Dark Soul

My soul is dark
My thoughts are swept,
Beware when you enter, beware of the depth.

Slow my dear,
it’s not a rainbow,
It’s my blood mixed with the snow.

Welcome home,
the walls will greet,
All the different faces here you’ll meet.

Say hello and move ahead,
Beware again,
Beware they are dead.

Come ahead,
Shiver not with terror,
You’re just standing in front of a mirror.

Nothing is real,
Nothing is true,
Billions of faces,
And This is real You.


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